Rumspringa party

Sambata viitoare va fi inca un party tematic la Bebe, de data asta ne dam drept tineri rebeli ce reneaga traditia si regulile comunitatii Amish din care “facem parte”. Rumspringa este termenul folosit pentru adolescentii rebeli Amish ce incalca regulile si se amesteca cu restul lumii.

Cateva detalii despre petrecere:

– intrarea libera;

– Amish shot 4 RON, Amish drink 6 RON;

– petrecerea incepe la ora 22:00;

– se ofera premii pentru cele mai bune costumatii Amish.

Am extras din dinctionar definitia termenului “rumspringa” (in angleza): “Rumspringa is the term for Amish teenagers period of experimentation and freedom from religious rules, when they are able to live on their own, drive cars, drink, and experiment with other aspects of mainstream American culture without worrying about consequences from their elders. The term rumspringa is a literal translation of the Pennsylvania German expression, “running around.” Traditionally, the Amish family is tightly bound, and obeys religious rules, such as forgoing the use of electricity, cell phones, and cars, and wearing modest clothes at all times. Women wear long dresses and bonnets, while men wear suits and beards. They are devoutly religious, and go to church often. During the period of rumspringa, however, young people are excused from all of the traditional behaviors and rules of the Amish community.”

2 thoughts on “Rumspringa party”

  1. A fost frumos cu totu ca n-am vazut pe nimeni cu tema Amish 🙂 pacat ca sa dus totul pl 3:) nu mai stie lumea sa se distreze pana in zori.

  2. Mersi pentru afish, voi fi acolo 🙂 chiar sunt curios de costume :)) si deabea astept si Nimeni Altu in nord 😀

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